Learn italian in Milan

With something almost Northern European in the air, yet exuding Italian style, Milan is Italy's most cosmopolitan city. Situated on the flat plains of the Po Valley, the capital of Lombardy is both hardworking and glamorous - powerful in businesses from finance to fashion and, of course, football. There are many aspects of Milan which make it a stimulating place: the dynamic night life, the characteristic atmosphere of the Navigli, the central streets with their shop windows, the fashion and the intense cultural life.

Off the beaten tourist tracks Milan still offer s a wide range of museums with invaluable masterpieces (Leonardo’s Last Supper, Raphael, Caravaggio, Michelangelo). On the forefront of fashion and design, Milan also offers great places to go out. Theatre and cinema flourish in this fashionable milieu, as does a lively club scene. It’s all about lifestyle in Italy’s most dynamic and future oriented city.

Italian language school in Milan. LINGUADUE offers a wide range of Italian language programmes in Milan and a friendly and thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere. The school is centrally located in a well-known street in the commercial area of Milan, Corso Buenos Aires.

key features
• The school is located in a beautiful art nouveau building
• Easily accessible as it is close to the Underground station Lima
• 18 comfortable, well-equipped classrooms provided with audio and video equipment
• Small garden
• Students’ lounge
• Free internet and wireless access
• High quality accommodation
• Ideally suited for adult s, academic students and professionals
• Partnership with the most important Academic and Higher Education Institutes for Design, Architecture, Fashion and Music
• Student age 18+

Italian language courses in Milan.

Standard Course. This course enables you to develop all aspects of the language with a particular emphasis on communicative skills in speaking and writing. As no translation is used in the classroom you will be quickly able to understand and express yourself in Italian. Class size is no more than 12 students in a group. At the end of each course after successful completion of a test you can progress to the next level. New courses start every 4 weeks throughout the year. Minimum attendance is 2 weeks.

Intensive Course. This course is designed for motivated students who need to improve their Italian language skills either for general use or for their study or work. In the morning you will develop all your practical communication skills, with special emphasis on speaking, pronunciation and listening. In the afternoon you will develop your conversational and reading skills with time for correction and feedback. You will broaden your vocabulary, improve your social and intercultural skills and develop your writing skills. You will be given an insight into Italian culture and lifestyle through lectures and practical language activities.

Super Intensive Course. This option offers an excellent opportunity to combine a standard course with the additional personal attention that comes from individual tuition. In the afternoons you will take individual lessons, which will enable you to concentrate on improving specific aspects of the language.

Semi intensive Course. Students can choose to attend either the grammar session or the conversation session.

Twice a week. Designed for people who are interested in non-intensive courses or have little time at their disposal for work or study reasons.

One-to-one Course: general Italian/Business Italian. Particularly suited to professionals and executives, the one-to-one course is tailored to meet the needs of the participants with special requirements in specific language areas. Working on an individual basis enables participants to concentrate on his/her own needs such as situations in which social or work situations in which Italian has to be used, specific terminology or grammatical weaknesses Participants will be working with two or more teachers, each with a special programme suited to the participant’s needs.

Social Activities in Milan. During your stay in Milan you will experience the social and cultural life of the host city through a weekly programme of cultural and leisure activities. These usually include lectures on various aspects of contemporary Italian culture and society, a selection of famous Italian films shown regularly at school, evenings out for aperitivo in trendy Milanese cafès, museums and gallery visits, concerts, walks in typical and interesting areas of Milan.The programme provides an opportunity to have fun, practise Italian and meet other students. On arrival, you will be given a detailed schedule on the social activity programme .and the events taking place in Milan

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